Eduardo Naranjo Art Exhibition

Fine Art handling service for art exhibition

“Eduardo Naranjo Art Exhibition” was held from 7,Jan to 17,Jan 2017 In National Art Museum of China .

Eduardo Naranjo is the Spanish surrealistic painter today. The painting style of Naranjo is generally divided into two phases: In the 1970s and the 1980s, the illusion realism with strong surreal style is the main technique of expression in his works; while from the 1990s till now, his painting style gradually tends to be recessive surrealism, his works become pure and transparent, and contain the strong symbolic meaning in “truth”. Naranjo has made very great achievements in the fields of oil painting, sketch, print painting and etc. The exhibition of Flowing Light and Color held in National Art Museum of China this time is the first comprehensive painting art exhibition of Naranjo in China.

ARTCULS fine art is proudly to  provide below fine art handling service for “Eduardo Naranjo Art Exhibition” :

1.Temporary import service for above artworks

2.Fine art permit application

3.Customs clearance service

4.Local fine art transport from Beijing airport to National Art Museum of China

5.Uncrating,unpacking service

6.Empty crates storage service

7.Re-packing,re-crating service

8.Fine art domestics transport service from Beijing to Hangzhou

9.Fine Art re-export logistics service including re-export customs,air freight….


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It is a pleasant work with ARTCULS.what we need to do is just tell them our requirements.then they will do all the rest.they know the art handling better than anyone in china.From packing and crating to export/import customs,installation and de-installation,free movement between countries.....they always give you a surprise. this is by far the best fine art handling company I met. very impressive!!!
ARTCULS is a trusted partner for your touring exhibition. We are a belgium gallery with office in Shanghai.we have worked with ARTCULS many times.Every year we took part in different art fairs in Shanghai,Beijing and Guangzhou.ARTCULS’ one stop exhibition logistics gets rid of the distractions around us,and allow us more time to focus on business development.
A big thanks to ARTCULS!our oversized painting (3.8m x 3m) arrived in Beijing safely and timely.the packing and crating solution is perfect, providing our painting complete protective cushioning from shock or vibration.the shuttle service from Shanghai to Beijing is faster than we expected.we are very satisfied with ARTCULS.
Ting HeTing HeNew Art Group
Our paintings and sculptures are detained in china customs due to Fine Art import license.we had no idea how to get this license.ARTCULS is a specialist on Fine Art Import handling in china,they have a SOP to apply this.they take all the jobs and makes our import much easier.we highly appreciated the efforts they made.
Peng Xiong HunPeng Xiong HunArtist
Very professional service from beginning to finish. we held an art exhibition in Florece Italy.this is our first time to start such exhibition in overseas countries.ARTCULS is a excellent worker on Fine Art Logistics.their turnkey solutions free us from trivial work.from packing and crating,fine art license application,transport,ATA Carnet customs clearance... Each step went smoothly and our art works have been taken good care.i would definitely recommend their service.
AmyAmyHK Citic int’l art auctions co.,Ltd
Excellent packing and crating service!!!Tailor-made crates are free Fumigated. wrapping materials quality are the best I saw in the market. The art handlers were great,worked carefully and very friendly.My paintings and vases were in good condition during the round trip from Shanghai to Hong Kong.Thank you again for your kind effort.